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Provide customer store CAD design

Our factory has a professional design team, which can effectively and quickly provide customers with CAD drawings and 3D drawings with free of charge, and which can be presented to customers more intuitively. And we can adjusted until customers are satisfied with it.

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select supermarket shelves and then provide detailed overall plan

Our factory has a completely product catalog, to provide customers with one-stop services, from supermarket shelves to ancillary facilities, from warehouse storage racks to accessories and so on, customers can be more effectively and quickly to choose the most suitable for their use.

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assemble and finish the project

Our factory has a professional after-sales service team, each kind of products have assembly instructions and video, if it is necessary for customers, we can arrange our professional technicist to the customer's address, guide and help the customer complete the whole supermarket assembly, to make the customer feel relaxed about installation. All our products are guaranteed for years..

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package and delivery

We have several long-term stable logistics transport agent, can be safe, worry – free and fast for customers to provide logistics transport services.

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professional production

From ordering, to production, to packaging and delivery, we have a sound quality control process with 9 quality contral technicists, tested the size, specifications, parameters, structure and pac kage from material, , to ensure that the goods with no transport damage.

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